Carla Gía

(Barcelona, 1993)

Fine Spanish Artist based in United Arab Emirates

She picked up a brush for the first time at the age of 8 during a therapy session and since then has turned painting into her refuge and essential tool for maintaining her emotional balance.

Each stroke is a window to her most intense emotions, related to overcoming, resilience, and the constant search for balance that has characterized her life.

This iconic style that defines Carla between black and white is a journey through the coexistence of contrasting or complementary aspects within us. Through the integration of reason and emotion, logic and intuition, strength and vulnerability, her works reflect a uniqueness that navigates between the skeptical and the spiritual, always finding a point of balance between the tangible and the intangible. This vision values and celebrates the richness of these polarities and their impact on our human experience.

For Carla, black is synonymous with strength, personal growth, and the ability to overcome setbacks, while white symbolizes authenticity, purity, and inner sweetness. This combination gives her a unique perspective, allowing her to see beyond the obvious and use her ability to integrate opposites.

Guided by coherence and an unwavering desire to contribute something positive to the world, her works are born. Her goal is to inspire all those who identify with this search for balance and expression:

My purpose is to stimulate anyone who is curious about revealing what the balance between opposing forces represents, inviting a reflection on the integration and harmony between mind and soul, as well as encouraging belief in oneself and in the person you can become after any challenge. No matter how intense your pain or how dark it is around you, You'll always find the light within you

Carla communicates with viewers through a style of abstract expressionism. In all her pieces, there is a story waiting to be interpreted and a deep intention to help those who wish to connect with their own dual nature.

Through her works, a dialogue is created between contrasts, with the aim of inspiring us to understand what our own center of gravity symbolizes and, above all, to achieve the balance that resides within each of us.

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This young and versatile promise coherently embodies her philosophy in every aspect of her life. Currently based in UAE, she not only combines her mindset and ambition for the corporate world, leveraging her talent as an executive in the international industry maritime engineering and oil, but also remains aligned with her passion, mission, and purpose of helping women through her project for driving female growth, Lioness Hub®.

Each piece is unique in the world, meticulously caring for the smallest detail. With the aim through her creative vision to provide the support that resilient people need in their lives.

| We use materials that support the sustainability of the planet |

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